Lesson 5 – Minor Arpeggios

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  • April Mink Nov 26, 2023

    Love that classical guitar sound! Cool Brad!
    This may be real obvious to a lot of people and the piano visual helps a lot, but it helps me a lot to remember that major and minor chords are reversed in terms of their intervals. A major chord is a major third followed by a minor third, so 4 half steps or frets followed by 3 half steps or frets.
    Then a minor chord is just the opposite, i.e. a minor third or 3 half steps followed my a major third or 4 half steps or frets.
    BUT, a BIG challenge for me to go from chord to chord.

    • Brad Bordessa Nov 30, 2023

      Yes! I like how playing the arpeggios on one string allows you to see the middle 3rd move back and forth.