Lesson 6 – String Transfer Windows

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Historical Comment Archive:
  • Anna Baluyot May 25, 2022

    Mind blown!

  • Wayne Gordon Oct 19, 2022

    Yeah, this exercise (linked from Beginner L5) reinforces an intuitive sense of the relationship between the strings and makes me feel more grounded – thanks.

    • Brad Bordessa Oct 20, 2022

      Glad to hear it, Wayne! I love this stuff.

  • Stephen Smith Feb 6, 2023

    This is like looking under the hood of how notes on the ukulele are related to each other. Yet another great tool from this series that helps to navigate the fretboard more smoothly and intuitively. A lightbulb moment indeed, as you said in the video!

  • Lyda Den 0s May 1, 2023

    Wauw…love this stuff, learning a lot…

  • Lyda Den 0s May 3, 2023

    I am starting to understand it a bit, it is a beginning…

  • Susan Murry Jul 7, 2023

    Brilliant explanation to move around the strings with chromatic scales.
    Interesting finger exercise to move around the four strings at the same tempo similar to the spider.
    Metronome is very useful for practicing.
    Pinky finger gets quite a nice workout.