Lesson 1A – Navigating the Course

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  • bob seeley May 1, 2022

    Thanks for making your lessons so clear, direct and easy to follow which makes navigating through your course straight-forward and intuitive.

  • Ken Alexander May 12, 2022

    Really appreciate the intro and explaining that this is your method, but not the only method of playing.

    Any tips for people with shorter fingers or smaller hands?

    Loved the book, but think I will get much more from the video lessons. So far, so good.

    • Brad Bordessa May 12, 2022

      Anytime someone says there is only one way of doing things, be very skeptical! Naturally though, I’ve found this to be the path of least resistance for myself and my students, which is why I teach it. Take what you can use, leave what you can’t.

      With small hands, the main adjustment is going to be the way you reach for notes. You might end up bending your wrist slightly more to get your fingers around the neck to their notes. Just be sure you’re not overextending and you’ll be fine.

      I’ve never run across someone who majorly hampered because of small hands. The struggle is less about hand size and more about coordination and agility – both things that come naturally with practice.

  • Daniel Ross May 16, 2022

    Thank you for these orientation lessons of where things are on the lesson pages (software interface system) and for explaining how you will be using terminology. That is very helpful, right out of the gate.

    Two questions:
    1. It looks like the fretboard photo has a custom inlay on your eleventh fret (rather than on the twelfth, as currently written). If the eleventh fret is the custom inlay, that would explain why you are saying it might be a bit tricky to see where you’re at on the fretboard?

    2. Not sure if it is possible, but could “Previous” and Next” buttons also be added at the top of each page (in addition to being at the bottom of each page)?
    Once into the thicket of the lessons, later, I may want to navigate quickly for review, or to find something I saw/heard, without having to scroll to the bottom of each page along the way (for previous/next); and without having to go back to the main menu each time, either. This might be helpful for others using the course, too?
    (Depending on where I jump back into the course on different days, my browser buttons probably won’t take me through all the pages, especially if I want to directly page through the course to specifically find something.)

    • Brad Bordessa May 16, 2022

      1. Yes. It’s quite off center. Look for the higher “b” – it’s the 12th fret.

      2. I thought about doing this, but decided against it initially. You might have convinced me. It will be have to be done manually so no promises on time frame, but I’ll see what I can do.

  • Daniel Ross May 16, 2022

    Thanks for your response, Brad! I think I see the second “b” under your pinky (with the ascender poking out above it on the 11th fret).