Lesson 3 – Left Hand Positioning

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  • Wayne Gordon May 4, 2022

    Thanks, Brad – lots of great tips here. I always wondered about finger angles but never asked anyone. Of course, necessity is the mother of invention so I did naturally change the angles according to the situation – you have just “sanctioned” it. ;-)

    • Brad Bordessa May 4, 2022

      Haha! Glad to help. I’ve never though of it as “sanctioning”, but I guess it works.

  • Wayne Gordon May 6, 2022

    Yeah, in retrospect reassurance would have been a better word choice given the context of sanction in the media these days. ;-)

  • Mandy McGregor May 21, 2022

    Wow! the correct thumb position is so handy to know. I have a bad habit here and didn´t know it. Thanks for that. I can now observe how my thumb creeps over the top of the fretboard and place it back where it should belong. Homework!!!

    • Brad Bordessa May 21, 2022

      It’s a gentle reminder, Mandy. Not the end of the world if your thumb creeps, but just be aware of how it can slow you down.

    • Thomas Frauenhofer Dec 12, 2022

      I had the same problem – this summer I started playing a lot more barre chords, and the thumb over the top was really getting in the way of doing that. I’ve been playing a few years, and I had the Left Hand Technique book and spent a few months correcting this behavior (I also watched a lot of YouTube videos from others on the positioning). This video is the best, clearest description of hand position I’ve seen. (Brad, your teaching technique works really well in these videos, mahalo for making them!)

  • Mandy McGregor Dec 15, 2022

    Thanks Thomas. I am perservering and getting better!