Na Hoku Hanohano Award Winners

tell-u-whatI managed to tune into the Hokūs for an hour or two last night and see some of the awards and performances. Of course I missed the ‘ukulele-related awards (as it seems I do every year), but what I did see was very interesting. This year there seemed to be more performances by non-Hawaiian music artists like Mike Love and Erika Elona. It’s great to see the local music scene adapt instead of taking the “Oh, well, it’s not Hawaiian” stance.

This year, Hawai‘i Island’s own, Brittni Paiva represented well and took home the awards for Instrumental Composition of the Year for her song “Tell U What” and ‘Ukulele Album of the Year for her album of the same name. I’m so happy for her. “Tell U What” was a killer album in my opinion that really pushed the production envelope and showed how the ‘ukulele could be a vehicle for the music and not a slave to it. Well deserved. Bravo, Brittni!