One Decade (a Belated Birthday to LU)!

I spent my summer overseas and missed an important month in time: July 2017. While July is not my favorite month by a long shot, and certainly this year would have been much less exciting if I had stayed home to celebrate, it marks 10 years that Live ‘Ukulele has been on the web. Sometime in July 2007, a 14 year old me registered a .com domain, hoping to cash in on the opportunities a blog could provide.

Over the years I’ve spent thousands of hours noodling on the site – writing, coding, photoshopping, SEOing. What once was a small page of tabs and two or three lessons is now 250+ permanent resource pages and over 400 blog posts. It’s certainly not the busiest blog/site in the ukesphere, but what LU lacks in quantity I like to think is made up for in quality. I’ll spend many hours creating a single page and its corresponding examples. Even small pages that I wrote early on have been revised over the years for clarity, formatting, and additional content.

A Quick Look Back at the Looks: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

While the stylesheets for a lot of the early days are lost in time, the Wayback Machine has saved a surprising number of them. Here are some of the main looks from years past. Some of them were pretty good for what I knew about layout and design at the time. Others? …not so much…






What you see now as the site’s layout isn’t necessarily my favorite, but I think that it’s the most utilitarian and inviting so far for a modern web era. Hooray for elbow room!

I see no reason to stop now and, for as long as there is revenue to pay for hosting, Live ‘Ukulele will remain on the web. You can support the site by telling your friends, sharing the posts, buying the ebook, and, most of all, by continuing to peruse these pages.

Mahalo nui for making this a thing,

Brad Bordessa