Pachelbel’s Canon (in C) ‘Ukulele Tab

If you head over and check out my ‘ukulele tabs these days you will find that the look of the page is much updated. The songs are now sorted into more genres and level indicators give you a quick idea what difficulty you are looking at before opening the tab. The newest addition is a “classical” section. Don’t get too excited yet! Canon is the sole tenant at this point, but there is always room for growth, right? I really do like classical music so hopefully I can find time to flesh that section out with some more pieces.

Anyways, here a true classic by Johann Pachelbel. It’s usually seen played in the key of D, but to make it easier and incorporate the familiar fingers of the “people’s” key, I transposed it down to C.

Notice how straightforward the rhythm is. Maybe it would be a good chance to practice reading the rhythm and/or playing along with a metronome. (If you’re going to play classical songs, you gotta play by classical rules!)

Canon in C by Johann Pachelbel ‘ukulele tab