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I’m Brad Bordessa, a musician who’s been playing and teaching ‘ukulele for more than ten years. Here at Live ‘Ukulele, I provide ‘ukulele lessons, techniques, and tabs for players from around the world.

Jam packed with resources and learning material, Live ‘Ukulele is the premier spot on the web for learning ‘ukulele – and it’s all free. I’m glad you made your way here!

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Chord Book

A complete chord resource
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Lots of tunes to pick!
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Strum and sing these hits
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Diagrams and Charts
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Over 70 articles on how to uke
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‘Ukuleles, strings, and equipment

'Ukulele Chord Shapes

A reference book for a new era of fretboard understanding.

Brad has created the best ‘ukulele chord book I’ve seen to date,” says Andrew Kitakis of Hawai’i Music Supply

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fishman loudbox mini ukulele

Fishman Loudbox Mini Acoustic Amp

I’m not a penny-pinching dude when it comes to gear. I’ve bought enough cheap stuff to know that you usually get what you pay for. These days, if I need something, I’ll invest money up front and get the best I can afford. Quality over quantity. But every once in a while there is a [...]

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How To Strum Your ‘Ukulele: 10 Easy Strumming Patterns

Your right hand is the engine of your ‘ukulele and strumming is often the throttle. Learning how to properly power the strings will take you a long ways towards ‘ukulele proficiency. With only a couple ‘ukulele strumming patterns and a little feel you can play most songs convincingly. The Basic ‘Ukulele Strumming Pattern: The fancy [...]

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lehle acouswitch compared to lr baggs venue di

Preamp Comparison: LR Baggs Venue vs. Lehle Acouswitch Jr.

Last week I had the fun task of hosting Tobias Elof of Denmark! Tobias recently toured Taiwan and on his way home he did a video shoot with HI Sessions and stopped to visit me and explore Big Island. We had a great time adventuring and playing music and on the last day sat down [...]

ukulele with santa hat

Top 10 Gifts for ‘Ukulele Players

December is here! The prepared gift givers have already wrapped their Christmas goodies and you… Well, if you’re like me you need a few ideas to get you started. Here are the things I feel most ‘ukulele players would be excited to get their hands on this holiday season. Some are new releases, some are [...]