Preamp Comparison: LR Baggs Venue vs. Lehle Acouswitch Jr.

Last week I had the fun task of hosting Tobias Elof of Denmark! Tobias recently toured Taiwan and on his way home he did a video shoot with HI Sessions and stopped to visit me and explore Big Island.

We had a great time adventuring and playing music and on the last day sat down to compare some of our pedals.

There’s a lot more footage to be edited of other shootouts, but we started with the basics: our two preamps. I use the LR Baggs Venue DI, Tobias uses the Lehle Acouswitch Junior.

Both do basically the same thing, but approach it slightly differently which you can hear in the video.

Our recording chain looked like this:

  1. Anuenue (Anuenue pickup) or Moore Bettah (LR Baggs Five-0 pickup) ‘ukulele
  2. A/B box
  3. Channel #1: Venue DI
  4. Channel #2: Acouswitch Jr.
  5. Allan & Heath ZEDFX10 mixer
  6. USB out to Macbook Pro running Cubase Elements 7

Have a listen and see what you think.