Recording Log Updates: #2-5

I’ve been trying not to bombard you guys with a bunch of recording log videos on the front page here, but no doubt my Youtube subscribers have been seeing them come through. In these videos, I basically narrate my steps and techniques for recording my upcoming album project. It’s been a great way for me to document the overall process and actually step back and contemplate what I’m doing. Hopefully some of the more dedicated ‘ukulele recorders out there are finding them interesting.

Here are the four latest videos. More to come, but I’ll probably only post them on here once I’ve got another handful to put together. If you want to know about new videos ASAP, subscribe to my Youtube channel!

#2 – Drum Miking & Acoustics

#3 – Improved Drum Miking

#4 – ‘Ukulele Miking

#5 – Bass, Overdubbing, & Latency