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“Eat, Sleep, Music Sessions” by the K-Town Heroes – Review

Aldrine Guerrero and Ryan Esaki from ʻUkulele Underground are the K Town Heroes. Their new album Eat, Sleep Music Sessions, was recorded in a marathon time of 5 days. Aldrine is a great ‘ukulele player who also does the lead vocals. Ryan is the chief guitar player.

I don’t really follow Aldrine’s videos on ʻUkulele Underground, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. He has a nice warm style that is very controlled and precise. I’m not sure what kind of pickup Aldrine’s ‘ukulele is outfitted with, but it is reminiscent of a subdued Jake sound (a classical guitar like tone).

The album is 12 tracks of cover songs like Breezin’, Body Surfing, Waiting In Vain, and Sunday Morning. He also includes a version of Super Mario Bros. which for some reason intrigues most ‘ukulele players.  None, except maybe James Hill, do it as much justice as Aldrine. Mario goes “coin collecting” with harmonics which adds to the humor. Brown Eyed Girl is a tribute to the Ka’au Crater Boys’ arrangement. All of the Troy Fernandez licks come out Aldrine style, which is fun. Europa was done in one take and is one of the best ‘ukulele versions I’ve heard. It really showcases the duo’s sound.

This album hosts a great selection of songs covered very well by two promising artists. I look forward to a record of originals.

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