Talkin’ Da Kine – Braddah Kuz


All around Talkin’ Da Kine is the one of the best Hawaiian CDs I own. One fourth traditional Hawaiian, three fourths contemporary Hawaiian. The title track is pretty cheesy – something that tourists would get a kick out of – but once you get past that, there are lots of great songs. Bruddah Kuz’s ‘ukulele playing is simple but nice. The guy can also sing very well. His wife and fellow band members sing killer backup harmony that really adds to the songs. Puna Ku’u Aloha is one of the most beautiful Hawaiian songs I have heard. I don’t know what was done in the studio, but this album has a very unique sound – almost a little raspy, but not in a bad way (maybe it’s just low-fi, but either way it works). Talkin’ Da Kine is the kind of album you would put on the stereo for a trip around the island.

Favorite songs:

  • Island Music
  • I Love Nanakuli
  • Puna Ku’u Aloha

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