Cane Fire Ukulele Chords by The Peter Moon Band

canefireA classic song from a classic Hawaiian album about growing pakalolo (marijuana) in the sugar cane fields. The Peter Moon version is in this same key, but the Koa’uka version that I based the solo off of is down a half-step in the key of G#m. Both are great. Check them out and use whatever is inspiring.

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1st Verse:
Am                            G
Growers, you who till for the buyer
     Am                                    G
I've come here to warn you 'bout tonight's Cane Fire
F                   G                  Am
When I woke up this morning, I saw the cane was pushed to the ground
F           G            Am
Helicopters soaring, the guard was snooping around.

(Save the children)
F          G
Gotta move before they find                
F                  G   (Save the children)
You grab yours and I'll grab mine                   
F                 G//   (Save the children)
Gotta pull 'em in time
Before the Cane Fire

A |-7-8-7-8-7-8-7h8p7-------7-5-555-7-8-8-7-5-5h7-7-7-
E |-------------------8---8--------------------------- 
C |---------------------9-----------------------------
G |--------------------------------------------------

A |-7-7-7-5-3-3h5-3---------------------------------
E |-----------------5-5-5-3333-5555-7777-8-8/10\8-8-
C |----------------------------------------9/11\9-9-
G |-------------------------------------------------

A |-10-8-7-8p7p5-8p7p5-8p7p5-8p7p5-7-------7-5-5-5-7-8-8-7-5-5h7-7-7- 
E |----------------------------------8---8---------------------------
C |------------------------------------9-----------------------------
G |------------------------------------------------------------------

A |-7-7-7-5-3-3h5-3-----------------------
E |-----------------5-5-5-3-3-5-5-7-7-3-5-
C |---------------------------------------
G |-----------------------4-4-5-5-7-7-4-5-

Am                       G
Prices, everyday getting higher
  Am                             G
I won't let my money burn in the Cane Fire
F                G               Am
Got three hungry babies, and the rent to be paid
F             G               Am
Ripe for the harvest, this is no time for a raid


1st Verse>



Gotta warn you ‘bout the cane fire    
Smoke is risin’ from the cane fire
Save our children
Gotta tell you ‘bout the cane fire
Run, run, runnin’ from the cane fire
Save our children