Follow Me Ukulele Chords by Manoa DNA

The strum for this song is tricky: U*XU UD (* = hammer-on each chord from open-strings after the first strum. So the first up-strum is on: 0000 and then you hammer-on the chord.) For the G and D chords that only get 2 beats at the end of the 2nd and 4th lines in the verse and at the end of the chorus, strum U*UD.

Check out this link for more on the pull-off technique used in the intro picking.

follow-meFollow Me
Manoa DNA
Follow Me
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Intro: A//// E//// D//////// A//// E//// D//// G// D// x2

A |-4p0-0-0-2---0-4p0-0-0-5-0-4-0-0-0-
E |-----------------------------------
C |-----------------------------------
G |-----------------------------------

A |-4p0-0-0-2---0-4p0-0-0-5-0-7-0-0-0-
E |-----------------------------------
C |-----------------------------------
G |-----------------------------------

A |-12-12-12-12-12p0-0-11p0-0-9p0-0-11p0-0-9p0-0-7p0-0-9p0-0-7p0-0- 
E |---------------------------------------------------------------- 
C |----------------------------------------------------------------
G |----------------------------------------------------------------

A |-5p0-0-4p0-0-5p0-0-2p0-0-0-
E |---------------------------
C |---------------------------
G |---------------------------

A       E                   D
Leaping quickly through the hands of time
A      E                D      G  D
Hiding from the face of pain
A       E                  D
Wanting more than just the same routine
A       E               D      G  D
The ordinary's just too plain

E                      D
Running around with no idea of where to go
E                     D
All you need to do is take my hand and…

Follow me through the clouds tonight
Watching all the stars so bright
Take you to a place where you can see
Follow me to your destiny
Hold me when my hearts in need
When is it that you will see
     G               D          A////                    
That you’re the only one for me baby

E//// D//////// A//// E//// D//// G// D//

A            E               D
Believe that I'm the one who takes your hand
A        E                 D     G  D
Whenever you're the one in need
A       E           D
Tracing over all my past mistakes
A            E                  D     G  D
The one that changed my life it seems

Pre-Chorus 2:
E                               D
My path is shown now it's up to you to make a choice 
E                       D
Whether to walk away or take my hand and…


Breakdown (2x): A//// E//// D//////// A//// E//// D//// 

G  D

Pre–Chorus 2>


E     D        A
   My baby, my baby

E////  D////

     G               D          A/              
That you’re the only one for me baby

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