Heartache Ukulele Chords by One Groove

make your move one groove album cover thumbnailThere is no ukulele that I can hear in this song, but “Heartache” by One Groove off their Make Your Move album is still a simple, fun Jawaiian song that fits well on the uke.

“Jawaiian” is the Hawaiian version of reggae – borrowing the J from the style’s home: Jamaica. It has a mellow Hawaiian flavor while retaining the distinct rhythmic chank on the 2 and 4 beats that reggae is known for. In the past ten years our local reggae sound has become much more homogenized, but during my high school days Jawaiian was a fun, relatable style.

One of the big radio hits at the time was “Heartache” (and One Groove’s rendition of “Big Ship” by Jawaiian’s pioneer, Brother Noland). So naturally, I sat down and figured out the guitar intro and worked on my reggae chank playing along with the recording.

There’s not a lot to the picking. Though if you want to understand the double stops, check out this article on playing harmony.

As for the chords, it’s just C G F G throughout the song. Each one gets one bar – four counts.

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Chords throughout: C G F G

A |---7------------2-3-2---2-2/3-3/5---7-----10-----------10p8p7------------
E |-8---8-7----3h5---------3-3/5-5/7-8---8-7----7-5-7-8-7--------10-8-7---7-
C |---------------------------------------------------------------------9---
G |-------------------------------------------------------------------------
(Picking 2x – end on first note: C)

Ooo… Lalala… 2x

Please baby tell me what is goin' on
'Cause I need to know just what you plan 
And if this is the end of our love affair
Please help me to understand

Was I not the man 
Who gave you my lovin'
And gave you all my heart
Now I’m so lost and lonely
My one and only girl has gone away

No more lonely nights lying awake
And no more tender hugs and kisses for you babe
I’m so tired of playing silly games
For it's you that is the cause of my heartache
My heartache

Ooo… lalala… My heartache
Ooo… lalala… Listen!

Now girl I can tell from the look in your eyes
Your feelings have somehow changed
And it breaks my heart that you didn't give love a chance
'Cause it was over before it began






Ooo… lalala… Woah, no, no, my heartache
Ooo… lalala… Woahohh… Ooo… Yeah…
Ooo… lalala… My heartache
Ooo… lalala… My heartache