Hunger Strike Ukulele Chords by Temple of the Dog

Chris Cornell is one of my all-time musical heroes. His laid-back, but intense voice with a huge range and dark songwriting always spoke to me like few other artists. His suicide in 2017 really affected me and drew me even deeper into his catalog of music.

Temple of the Dog was a tribute band consisting of members of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam before they made it big. They only made one self-titled album dedicated to the memory of Seattle-area musician, Andrew Wood.

Hunger Strike is the most ballad-like song on the otherwise pretty rock-oriented album. It’s simple and beautiful, drawing on the message of “be happy with what you have, lest you take from someone else.” Eddie Vedder became part of the recording sort of by happenstance, but lends his voice to create a call-and-response feel to the song.

What’s below is a simplified version of Hunger Strike in the key of C. The original is in G and has even less chord changes, stopping on the 1 more frequently. To keep it easy, you can repeat the same C to F progression through most of the song. The instrumental bridge can be left out to make it a two chord song.

temple of the dog album coverHunger Strike Ukulele Chords
By Temple of the Dog
Temple of the Dog
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Verse (Chris Cornell):
C            F     
I don't mind stealing bread
C                  F        C    F    C    F
From the mouths of decadence
    C                   F
But I can't feed on the powerless
        C             F             C    F    C    F
When my cup's already overfilled

C            F
    But it's on the table
    C       F
The fire's cooking
C               F
    And they're farming babies
    C              F
The slaves are all working
C            F
    Blood is on the table
    C          F
The mouths are choking

C                 F       C       F
    But I'm goin' hungry, yeah

Verse (Eddie Vedder) > 

C                 F            C   F
    But I'm going hungry (going hungry)
C         F      C      F
I'm going hungry (going hungry) x3

Bridge: Am G x4

C  F x4

Chorus >

Bridge: Am G x4

C            F          C    F
I don't mind stealing bread    x2

Chorus >

Bridge: Am G