Island In The Sun Ukulele Chords by Weezer

Another fantastically dweeby Weezer tune. Best known for its “hip, hip”s, Island in The Sun uses a simple repeating chord progression that makes it a prime candidate for memorizing.

The rhythm pattern is really what makes this song recognizable so be sure to rush the chord change to the D. It’s half a beat earlier than you’d expect which gives the whole song a great push forward.

Go here and you can find the charts for each chord.

Island In The Sun By Weezer Ukulele ChordsIsland In The Sun
Weezer (The Green Album)
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Em      Am    D         G
D   D U D   D U   U   U D   D U
1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +

Intro x4: Em  Am  D  G

Em  Am             D    G
       When you're on a holiday
Em  Am           D        G
       You can't find the words to say
Em  Am         D           G
       All the things that come to you
Em  Am       D       G
       And I want to feel it too

     Em      Am      D       G
C|o--4---4---4---4---2---2---2---2----o| (Repeat throughout chorus)

Em  Am       D      G
       On an island in the sun
Em  Am          D           G
       We'll be playing and having fun
Em  Am        D        G
       And it makes me feel so
Em    Am        D       G
fine I can't control my brain

Intro> x2

Em  Am             D    G
       When you're on a golden sea
Em  Am           D      G 
       You don't need no memory
Em  Am        D        G
       Just a place to call your own
Em  Am       D       G
       As we drift into the zone


D             G
    We'll run away together
D                    G
    We'll spend some time forever
C               A           D
    We'll never feel bad anymore

Intro> x2

Solo x2:



Intro> x6