L-O-V-E ʻUkulele Chords by Nat King Cole

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Here’s a cute song that most ʻukulele players have heard Julia Nunes play at least once.

It has a lot going on in it, but at the heart it’s a pretty simple song. Beyond the fanciness the chords go: F, C7, F, Bb, G7, C, G7, C7. Everything else is just decoration. So feel free to simplify. If you need a hand, an extensive collection of chords can be found here.

Tune down a half step to match Julia’s pitch.
Nat King Cole & Julia Nunes
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F  Dm  Fmaj7   Dm      Gm      C   C7
"L" is for the way you look at me
Gm7    C     C7     F  Dm  Fmaj7  Dm 
"O" is for the only one I see
F      F7         Bb     Bb7
"V" is very, very extraordinary
G      G7             C      G7       C7
"E" is even more than anyone that you adore

F   Dm  Fmaj7  Dm       Gm       C  C7
Love is all that I can give to you;
Gm7     C    C7          F   Dm  Fmaj7  Dm
Love is more than just a game for two.
F      F7
Two in love can make it
Bb                 Bb7
Take my heart, but please don't break it
F   Dm   Gm7 C  Gm7      F  Dm  Gm7  C
Love was made for me and you.

Melodica Solo (verse chords)

Repeat both verses

Gm       C               F  Dm  Gm7  C
Love was made for me and you.
Gm       C               F  Dm  Gm7  C
Love was made for me and you.

F  Dm  Gm7  C  F/

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