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Love Me Do ʻUkulele Chords by The Beatles

You’ve got to love it when a you find out a mega-hit song is as simple to play on ʻukulele as Love Me Do. Use a DDUUD strum and you’re pretty much there!

To recreate the harmonica riff it might be nice to use tremolo on some of the notes. Here’s how to do that: tremolo picking.

pleaseLove Me Do
The Beatles
Please Please Me
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Intro: (tremolo pick for effect)
    G7           C    
A ||---8---7---|-5-------------||
E ||o----------|---3-3-3---3--o|| 3x then... 
C ||o----------|--------------o||
G ||-----------|---------------||

A ||-3-2--------|----------3-2-||
E ||-------3-3--|-3-3-3--3-----||
C ||------------|--------------||
G ||------------|--------------||

G7            C
Love, love me do
    G7          C
You know I love you
     G7        C
I'll always be true
So pleeeeeease...  Love me do

Intro: G7 C G7 C


Intro: G7 C G7 C

D                C   F    G
Someone to love, somebody new
D                C   F        G
Someone to love, someone like you


Intro: G7 C G7 C

Solo: (Bridge chords)


G7      C        G7      C        G7      C
Love me do, Yeah love me do, woah love me do...

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