Wade In Your Water Ukulele Chords by Common Kings

wadeWade In Your Water
Common Kings
Wade In Your Water
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Am                F
Sponsored by Billabong, surfer girl 
       C                   G
Type a girl I like feel up on, in the water
Am                    F
Really wanna rock her boat, like a
     C                  G
Hurricane in a perfect storm, Lawd

Am                     F
Ask her where she gone away to
       C                     G
Said Haleiwa/Laie/Waimea], Said she love the North Shore
Am          F
Bikini top, Black scotts
C                     G
And them Board Shorts, Paddle Out, Paddle Out

Chorus (x2):
Can I wade in your water
Can I wade in your water
Can I wade in your water
G                        Am  F  C  G
Until I catch your wave

Am                          F
Like the sun I can feel her warmth, Yeah
C                            G
Heat wave through the winter months, Oh
Am                 F
Type a love never expire, Mmm
C                  G
Burns slow like a Bonfire



When the sun fades
And I float your way
I will stay the night
Just to catch your wave


Am                     F
Go deeper in to natures arms, Yeah
C                   G
Cascade like Waimea falls, Oh
Am                         F
Pipe line through her open sea
C                     G
I'm in love with her currently, Yeah


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