Strumming Workshop #2

Syncing Your Hand With the Beat

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  • Jacob Aug 17, 2023

    I think you’re a very good teacher. I say this as a music teacher myself. I, however, do not have the skills or ambition to create a website with videos to teach people all over the world. I also don’t have your level of ukulele skills, but that’s why I come here.

    • Brad Bordessa Aug 17, 2023

      Mahalo, Jacob!

  • bob seeley Aug 17, 2023

    Thanks Brad,
    I usually find myself watching videos and focusing on their left hand to notice chord changes, hammer ons, pull offs, slides, bends and such. I will consciously switch my focus to the metronome movement of the right hand to practice “keeping the beat”.

    • Brad Bordessa Aug 17, 2023

      Yes! Most people get lost in the left hand so it’s important to make sure the right hand is in time before getting carried away with notes and chords.

      • bob seeley Aug 17, 2023

        Brad, Are you gonna break out the 8 sided dice for the third video? That’s one of the most unusual and challenging strum concepts I think I’ve ever run across. Thanks for introducing that idea in Maui. I still need to order a set of those dice.
        Mahalo nui,

        • Brad Bordessa Aug 18, 2023

          I saved the dice for the book, Bob!

  • Ray Rasmussen Aug 17, 2023

    Thanks Brad, I”m alerting my newbie pals to strumming 1 and 2 and looking forward to #3, and for that matter #s 4 onward.
    I don’t mind becoming a member … are there more lessons in the online site?
    Ray Rasmussen

    • Brad Bordessa Aug 17, 2023

      Mahalo Ray! My lessons are found on the “store” page in the menu above. More strumming lessons coming this weekend. Stay tuned!

  • Gary Niblock Aug 17, 2023

    Basic strumming info. And as everyone knows, the basics are important. Mahalo Brad!

    • Brad Bordessa Aug 17, 2023

      I’m not sure everyone knows just yet… :-) I spend 90% of my time saying two things: timing is important and basics are important!

      • Leialoha Sep 27, 2023

        Mahalo Brad for your easy to understand lessons. I am a Hula dancer and enjoy playing my uke. I share my experiences with beginner Hula dancers and we practice keeping beat by strumming ukes. You just confirmed my own thoughts and explanation to others, “Timing is important and Basics are important”. I am taking and using your quote.
        I also like your example and explanation of the Up stroke. My spouse is a bass player so he plucks his strings upwards (at times). This can confuse my student.

  • Richard Lepinsky Aug 17, 2023

    Well done ! You got to the core of strumming in this video. Your explanation rings true for me. I will forward it onto the members of our uke group. So sorry to hear about the fire devastation in your area.

    • Brad Bordessa Aug 17, 2023

      Mahalo, Richard!

      • Mark Troy Aug 19, 2023

        This is the video I need. A return to the fundamentals with all embellishments wiped away. It’s just like I used to tell my teams. Fundies, fundies, fundies.

  • Margie Landis Aug 17, 2023

    Two great videos, Brad. Yes, it’s all about ‘time’, and so important for you to cover this. Both videos are really well done. Mahalo!

  • Dan Aug 17, 2023

    Thanks Brad. We’ve chatted about my ineptitude at strumming and strumming patters. I’ve been working on them. I’m getting (a little) better. I think this will help a lot. Stay safe if there are any wildfires on your island.

    • Brad Bordessa Aug 17, 2023

      Glad to hear about the progress, Dan! Safe and sound here ATM. Thinking of Lahaina.

  • Graeme Aug 17, 2023

    Aloha Brad, Thanks for videos #1 and #2. Looking forward to #3 and beyond
    This is such great reinforcement of messages I have heard from others, and I love the concept of “gravity assisted” strumming.
    Please can you let us know how best to keep time when the music asks us to skip playing the strings on the down-strum and then the next strum is on an up-strum (so not gravity assisted ) for example: 1 + 2 + then skip down-strum on 3 then up-strum + 4 + does this make sense? … or is it just a matter of practice Mahalo nui!

    • Brad Bordessa Aug 17, 2023

      It’s all about the momentum of your hand. When you miss the strings, your hand motion doesn’t change so you should still be in time. You’re still playing the same strum pattern against the beat. All that changes is you’re missing the strings on the way by. For all intents and purposes, the strum remains down, up (because that’s exactly what your hand is doing).

      The third video should give you a good overview of this (skipping strums). Please have a watch when it comes out and let me know if you continue to have questions.

      • Graeme Aug 17, 2023

        Awesome! Thanks a million, Brad. Looking forward to #3 – Cheers!

  • Geraldine Doenicke Aug 17, 2023

    Hello Brad, I live “down Under” ( Sydney, Australia ). I am a beginner UKULELE player. I have just seen your 2 videos and find them both AMAZING.!!! I have learned more in 10 mins than I have in a couple of months trying to teach myself. I will definitely continue with your teaching and look forward to your 3rd video. You are definitely here for us as beginners. Can’t wait to see what you teach us next. I love music from all genre, especially Hawaiian and artists like Israel Kamakawiwo’ole and a fantastic band Goombay Dance Band. Now back to my newly learned strumming patterns and a huge thank you to you Brad. Best wishes from Down Under.

    • Brad Bordessa Aug 18, 2023

      So glad to hear it! It’s hard to sort out what you should be studying as a beginner with so much information available.

      • Geraldine Doenicke Aug 18, 2023

        Thanks Brad for your response. I totally agree with you and have been practicing mostly beginner Chords and now that I have seen your video’s I feel like I am almost a pro (LOL} . I am so happy to have found your teaching online. HUGE THANKS TO YOU.

  • Malcolm Aug 18, 2023

    Thanks for these Brad! They’ll help me with teaching strumming to our new group members.

  • douglas powdrell Aug 20, 2023

    Aloha Brad; Good stuff! Mahalo

  • Karen Peterson Aug 22, 2023

    I have learned so much from your videos and books. Your videos and books have helped me “connect the dots” with music theory and playing the ukulele. Thank you.

  • Leslie Lindeman Sep 3, 2023

    Great, thank you.

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