Live Ukulele T-Shirts

Shirts are here! If you want to show your love for the ukulele and for Live Ukulele, you can do it with custom printed t-shirts, available from Teespring.


There are several shirt styles and colors to choose from. Prices vary from $20 for a basic tee to $27 for a fancy, eco-friendly option.

Basic logo:

live ukulele brand t shirts in a pile


The “work shirt” long sleeve:

long sleeve live ukulele shirt


The orange is construction orange. The more subdued “Live Ukulele orange” isn’t a very common color and, though it would be great for a shirt, isn’t available. :-(

The test shirts I ordered are high-quality Hanes (the tanktop is Gildan). They’re comfy and the printing seems nicely stuck on. I had a Teespring shirt years ago that I wore holes in before the ink came off. This seems like the same kind of printing.

live ukulele brand t shirt model

Teespring is a drop-printing service that creates shirts on demand. This means I don’t have to take up space in my house storing them or stand in line at the post office to ship them to you. Because of this, the turnaround time takes a minute. Think of it like a fine wine…