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Theory Crash Course

Street Theory teaches you the music theory you need without any of the mind-numbing fluff you don’t. You’ll learn to understand the guidelines of music that real musicians use every day.

  • 80 minutes of instruction
  • Step-by-step theory
  • PDF handout
  • Workshop Q&A
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Tired of an Endless Parade of Music Theory?

Set the Record Straight & Simplify With Street Theory

When I started learning music theory, I went WAY overboard.

It seemed like everywhere I turned someone was telling me: “Learn theory!” 🗣️

So I learned how to read sheet music. I learned how many flats and sharps are in each key. I learned how to name interval distances. And far too much more!

Nowadays as a teacher, I’m glad I have this information somewhere in my head to help curious students. But at the time, I didn’t need half of what I learned.

In other words: most of it didn’t help me make better music. ❌

I see a lot of ukulele players make this same mistake.

In reality, the vast majority of us are playing ukulele for fun. We only need enough information to play our favorite songs and join in a kani ka pila.

But a lot of times, it’s easy to feel like a Juilliard grad trying to get into the LA Philharmonic:

I must know ALL the theory!!!

You don’t. And a lot of times it’s an unnecessary distraction.

Casual ukulele players DO NOT need to learn the same amount of music theory as a classical violin player.

In order to guide folks to a healthy left brain/right brain balance, I created a workshop that teaches the important aspects of music theory and excludes the rest.

Street Theory Ukulele Workshop

The real-world music theory that uke players NEED to know (and nothing more)!

street theory music theory video workshop cover thumbnail
  • 80 minutes of instruction
  • Epic, everything-on-one-page theory handout
  • Workshop Q&A

What do I think of your Street Theory class? In one word – WOW! I love it! :)

… You explained in such a relaxed, clear and practical way how to find notes on the fretboard, that I actually said out loud – “holy s**t this is cool!” It finally made sense to me how notes relate to the strings and frets. I can’t thank you enough for giving me that joy of understanding!

– Troy Brown

The honest truth is that music has no rules. If it sounds good, it IS good!

However, some guidelines for how to get predictably good sounds are helpful. I call this collection of guidelines “street theory.”

My name is Brad Bordessa and in my Street Theory workshop, you’ll learn the skills that average musicians use to understand and communicate about music.

In this 80+ minute, pre-recorded, video workshop, I guide you through music theory that is useful and steer you away from the fluff that you’ll never use.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Play the chromatic scale
  • Locate any note on the fretboard
  • Create major scales from scratch
  • Understand a relative minor
  • Interpret the Nashville Number System
  • Build chords and find alternate voicings

These are things that ukulele players everywhere need to do every day. And I’ll help you learn it without any of the classical music theory drudge!

You’ve done a marvellous job here explaining it in an accessible, useful, and immediately applicable way…and you made it actually interesting! Bravo! Everything taught in this workshop is something I can use right away, and I’m super stoked about that.

– Stephen Smith

The Street Theory Experience

The workshop is shot with two HD cameras: close up and a wide angle. I’ve edited them together into a friendly and fun 80+ minute presentation.

Join your fellow classmates and myself in the comments section to ask questions and discuss the topics of the workshop.

You’ll also be able to download my legendary-to-my-students PDF handout that puts all of the theory concepts onto a single page.

GREAT idea! …You look fabulous, very clear, very confident – very helpful!

– Gail Ginder

street theory music theory video workshop cover thumbnail
  • 80 minutes of instruction
  • Epic, everything-on-one-page theory handout
  • Workshop Q&A