Ukulele Chord Shapes Print Version

There’s nothing like holding a beautiful reference book in your hand! Get a physical copy of Ukulele Chord Shapes (GCEA) here.

For wholesale/bulk orders:

Please email me at

What You’re Buying

A lovely, printed version of the GCEA tuning ebook. It’s an 8.5×11″ softcover book printed in color with a glossy cover. These are printed by Lulu Press and I’ve always enjoyed their quality.

Shipping to the USA is included in the price.

If you are located internationally and want a copy, please email me at for a quote and we can figure something out.

Shipping Process

Once you order the book, I will pack it in a cardboard sleeve, and on the following Thursday (once a week) I will drive it to the post office. If your order comes in late, it might wait until the following week.

Orders are shipped via USPS Media Mail. You can expect the book to arrive in 2-8 days according to the USPS. If it takes longer than two weeks from the nearest Thursday after your order, email me ( and I’ll look into it.

You will not get a tracking number. Trying to do so would add a layer of complexity I can’t justify at my little scale. Have faith, be patient, and know that I will email you back ASAP and make sure you’re taken care of if anything goes wrong. (Here’s a different email, just in case:

Now that you know what to expect, here’s where you can order a copy:

Ukulele Chord Shapes: Print Version