Tab: Good Lover by Anne Janelle

So Long at the Fair

Anne’s solo album, “So Long at the Fair” is a wander through mellow summer days and bright smiles.

What’s a cello player doing on here?! Well, Anne Janelle writes fantastic songs and one of them happens to be recreated live with ‘ukulele playing a heavy supporting role.

Anne holds good company. Her ‘ukulele player is James Hill. True to form, he did a great job copping Jeff Torbert’s upbeat afropop-sounding guitar part from the Good Lover recording and performing it flawlessly on ‘ukulele.

I couldn’t help but figure the riff out one day. It’s so catchy! James capos on the 2nd fret of his English-tuned ‘ukulele (A D F# B) so the F shape that this riff runs around sounds like an A.

Good Lover ‘Ukulele Tab

A video of a rousing live performing: