Manha De Carnaval (Black Orpheus Theme) ‘Ukulele Tab

I’ve been getting into playing more jazz and Bossa Nova lately. It’s a great challenge, my students like it, and there is a weekly jam in town I’ve been sitting in on that plays the style.

One of the many great tunes that has come to my attention is Luiz Bonfa’s Bossa Nova classic, Manha De Carnaval. It’s also known as A Day in the Life of a Fool or the theme from Black Orpheus.

Brush off your jazz chords because this tune will keep your fretting hand busy! I chose to notate the chords in the style of what you might find in the Real Book. That means you will see some symbols representing certain chords.

The little triangle means “major.” The circle with a slash through it is used for “half diminished.” Coupled with a number 7 it means minor 7th flat 5.

I used the English words in this tab because I’m not too hip on the Portuguese language, but if you want to use them, the melody is the same.

Manha De Carnival ‘Ukulele Tab

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