Super Mario Bros. ‘Ukulele Tab: How to Play Every Theme

super marioDue to the friendly and comical nature of the ‘ukulele it seems like all the young people of the world are attracted to using it to play video game themes.

I was once one of these people and my contribution to the cause is this Super Mario Bros. ‘ukulele tab. I have had Mario riffs spinning in my head for days trying to figure everything out! Look no further, this tab includes:

  • Overworld (Main) Theme
  • Collecting Coins
  • Underworld Theme
  • Starman Theme
  • Water Theme
  • 1-Up
  • Time Warning
  • Bowser’s Castle Theme
  • Boss Theme
  • Lose A Life
  • Game Over
  • Level Clear

This is a fairly basic version based on the original video game music so there is a lot of room to add things. There are many ‘ukulele covers on Youtube that might lead you to more inspiration. Just remember to always make it your own!

Super Mario Bros. ‘ukulele tab

Super Mario Video Lessons:



Lose a Life & Game Over:

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