Wave by Antonio Carlos Jobim ‘Ukulele Tab

With my recent jazz kick, I’ve been spending time down at the Honoka’a People’s Theater on Saturdays jamming with the Mamane Street Music Club. They have a repertoire of great tunes that range from jazz to swing to bossa nova. One of the guitarists has a great feel for the later that gets in your bones and one of the highlights for me each week is him singing Wave by Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Since the melody is located a bit higher up the fretboard in the key of D, I relocated some of the notes across the strings for smoother transitions. If you always play up and down the strings – great! This will get you out of your comfort zone.

The “basic” ‘ukulele chords are included at the beginning of the tab for reference. Alternate voicings might suit certain situations better than the ones shown. Use the Dm7 G7 progression as an intro vamp and go around as many times as you like before the song and in between verses.

Wave by Antonio Carlos Jobim

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