The Ukulele Way Debuts!

ukulelewayThe next great ‘ukulele learning resource is here, courtesy of James Hill! The Ukulele Way is an online course made up of video, audio, and sheet music aimed at students interested in learning the tricks to playing solo arrangements on the ‘ukulele. As James says: Creating the “illusion” of playing more than one ‘ukulele at once (chords and melody at the same time). The lessons are taught by Hill himself and go from basic concepts to sophisticated tricks for getting the most out of one instrument. They are currently divided into three “books” that mirror the print versions of the course available from Empire Music. An additional three books (and online lessons) with more advanced material should be released within the next year. There are four different tunings available via toggle switches for each lesson: C6 re-entrant, C6 linear, D6 re-entrant, and D6 linear. One of the most exciting features of The Ukulele Way is the online community – available to anyone for free. It’s like a Facebook for ‘ukulele players and highly searchable so you can find people with similar styles and playing levels to your own. Students can also search for teachers and vice versa.

  • A free membership gives you full access to The Ukulele Way community and a handful of lessons to sort of “preview” what The Ukulele Way offers.
  • A $9 monthly subscription gets you access to the community and all 28 main lessons.

Check it out, sign up for the community, and, if anything, send me a friend request!

You will find me roaming the depths of The Ukulele Way email accounts and community as a web admin. So if you need help about anything The Ukulele Way related, you know who to ask.