Top Beginner Tips (Via Easy Ukulele Songs)

A while back I was approached by Eduardo Uke, of the website Easy Ukulele Songs, who asked if I would contribute my #1 beginner tip to a roundup he was working on. I was flattered that he asked and sent him off my answer. Didn’t think much more of it until I got a recent email from him alerting me that the piece has been published.

He did a fabulous job. In these ADD days of click-bait articles, well-researched and effortful content is a real treat. Eduardo really reached out and got answers from some fabulous players and teachers like Victoria Vox, James Hill, Sarah Maisel, Lil Rev, and more!

I’m honored to have my thoughts included and would like to thank Eduardo for making the huge effort to put this roundup of beginner tips together.

It’s well worth a read for some instant inspiration!

Top Beginning ‘Ukulele Tips Roundup