Pedal Steel Style Bends On The Ukulele

Pedal steel guitars are heard a lot in country music. They make up a good part of the fills in many of the popular country songs. The reason for the distinct sound lies in the pedals and knee levers that raise or lower the pitch of the strings. So, in a nutshell it’s the string bends that define the sound. To achieve that sound on an ukulele you will be bending one string but leaving the other the same. The hardest thing about these kinds of bends is getting enough power from your fingers to actually move the strings (be sure to double up your fingers for the bend). Here are some nice sounding bends that you can integrate into you ukulele music.

A |-10-------|-10-------|--------|-7------|
E |-10b12r10-|-12b13r12-|-8------|-8b10r8-|
C |----------|----------|-9b10r9-|--------|
G |----------|----------|--------|--------|

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