Simple Substitutions For V7 Turnarounds

Many times emphasis is put on learning fancy jazz ‘ukulele chords to make your harmonies more complex. But actually, if you’re clever you can achieve the same thing with some very simple chords.

This lesson focuses specifically on the V7 turnaround harmony in songs.

A V7 turnaround is the slingshot chord with the highest tension in the key. Go to it and the rubber band stretches tight. Resolve from it and it’s a huge relief. In the key of C, the turnaround chord is G7. In the key of F, it’s C7.

The substitution shape used in the video is:


It’s a Gm, but we’ll also be sliding it up two frets so your index finger starts on the 3rd fret. This is an Am.

Here’s the video:

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