Where In The World Has Brad Been?

For those who regularly check the site for new content, I apologize for the extended period of silence. I spent the better part of September on the other side of the world in Italy! My dad’s family comes from there and the brute force amount of sights and beautiful cities made it an easy choice of destination.

Except for a couple stints of earbud action on the trains, I partook in my deepest music purge in ten years. There were surprisingly few street performers and the only ambient music to be heard was in restaurants (except for the one night where the tiny town of Monteroso decided to get its 80s disco on).

I took my Pepe Romero Creations Tiny Tenor along with me. It was super easy to tote around and I walked for miles with it going to and from the train stations. Despite it being an awesome little instrument, I didn’t have a chance to play that much due to all the amazing things to see that demanded my attention. The best story came from platform 2 in the Chiusi train station where a couple of super-nice Italian police “detained” me as I was playing and asked to see my passport. I guess I looked suspicious on the deserted platform, but between their 20 words of English and my 10 words of Italian it was clear that I wasn’t in trouble. I gave them each a CD and they were thrilled.

It seems that the days of photo epics are over on Live ‘Ukulele because my little brother is now documenting things so well from his view through the lens that it’s not even worth trying to take my own pictures. Check out his Facebook page for a sample of what we saw and did: Evan Bordessa Photography.

Hawai’i Island ‘Ukulele Retreat:

After only a week of downtime I headed off to teach at the Kohala Inn and Hub for Elaine De Man’s annual Hawai’i Island ‘Ukulele Retreat. The venue change from Kalani in Puna to the Inn in Kohala suited me well because it shortened my drive by an hour and a half. It was also a pleasant surprise to find that the Inn was much better suited to our needs and proved to be a fabulous place of learning for the week.

On the lineup were my friends, Da ‘Ukulele Boyz – Peter DeAquino and Garrett Probst – a talented cousin duo from the island of Maui; Daniel Ward, a flamenco guitarist/’ukulele player from LA; Konabob Stoffer, my longest-standing Big Island music acquaintance and lap steel whiz; Robyn Kneubuhl of Maui, part of the Hula Honeys and a huge library of jazz chords and hapa-haole tunes. Luthier Dennis Lake and shredder Kris Fuchigami also dropped by for short periods to teach and lend their skills to the cause.

It was a fantastic week of learning, jamming, eating, and laughing! A great time was had by all. Mahalo to Elaine for inviting me out again and stepping up the game even more this year. I look forward to next time!

Following the camp I took the boys up to the visitor center on Mauna Kea. They had never been before and were stoked to see the place where the Thirty Meter Telescope protests are going down. We jammed my song, Draw The Line At 13, in the crosswalk. Spooky moments with good people!


Anyways… That’s what I’ve been up to. I got a DMCA notice today on a handful of songs that had to be taken down due to publishing rights. So now there are less songs on the site. …But that’s okay because I shall continue building up lesson content and other useful things to make us rainproof! You don’t need tabs to play music!

Peace. Ku kia’i mauna,