Basic Moveable Chord Shapes Workshop REPLAY

In this pre-recorded workshop, we explore moving a handful of fundamental major chord shapes up and down the fretboard. You’ll learn how to understand moveable chord shapes, how to make any chord shape moveable, and how to figure out what a chord shape is call on any fret.

By using the core major chord shapes in practical examples, you’ll see how moveable shapes are related and how each one opens up new zones for playing the same harmony in a new position.

To keep it musical, we play simple accompaniment for a couple classic songs using some fresh corners of the fretboard.

You’ll also have access to a discussion community to get your questions answered.

This workshop is based on ideas explored in my Ukulele Chord Shapes reference book, but you do not need the book to participate in the lesson. The workshop handout will give you all the info you need.

You’re purchasing a video recording of a live Zoom workshop that has already happened on 4/27/24. Same great presentation, on your own time!

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