If you continue to have questions after reading through this page, please send me an email at: brad@liveukulele.com

How do I make an account?

Accounts are created upon checkout of your first purchase. Just fill in the “email” and “password” fields with the credentials you want to use.

You can not have an account without a purchase. There is not currently a “free” account or a reason for one.

I subscribe to your newsletter, does this count as my account?

No. It’s two separate systems. Signing up to my newsletter simply registers your email with my mailing service. It does not create an account for accessing products on liveukulele.com.

Can I buy something as a guest, without an account?

No. You will automatically create an account upon checkout of your first purchase.

I understand this can seem humbug for one-off purchases, but it’s way easier in the long run for both of us if everything is in one place. This also means you’ll always have access to the latest version of a product.

The checkout page is telling me to log in first. What do I do?

If you’ve made a purchase from me since 2021, you should have an account already registered to your email address. The order form checks to see if the email entered matches one already in the system. If your email is already associated with an account, you’ll see this error:

Click the “Login” link to log in.

I can’t remember my password (or username)!

Your username is always the email address you made a purchase with.

If you don’t remember your password, just click the “forgot password” link under the login form:

This link will take you to a password reset form like this:

Enter your email address (it needs to be the one associated with your account) and you should receive an email with a link:

Click the link to go to a form where you can choose a new password:

Sometimes the password reset email gets stuck. If it’s not in your spam folder, send me an email and I’ll look into it: brad@liveukulele.com.

I’ve made a purchase in the past, but my email isn’t being recognized

1. It’s possible I have a different email on file. Please reach out with any and all email addresses you might have used. I can look and see if there are multiple accounts we can consolidate under your preferred email.

2. If you made a purchase pre-2021, you might not have an account. I’ve migrated across software systems several times and early orders didn’t make it into my database.

Please reach out with a receipt, if possible, and I’ll do my best to honor your past purchase.

Can I change my email address/username?

No. Your username cannot be changed in my software and since your email IS your username neither can your email.

However, if you need to update your email, I’m happy to create you a new account and transfer your purchases over. Just send me an email and let me know the current email and what you’d like to change it to.

Why should I trust you with my payment info?

I never see your payment info. Nor is it stored anywhere on my servers. Both payment options are via secure 3rd party providers.

Can I buy one of your products as a gift?

Yes! Please email me and let me know which lessons you want to gift and I’ll send you a special checkout link.

Does ____ ebook/course work with baritone tuning?

I only have one product made specifically for baritone players: Baritone Chord Shapes.

All my other lessons can absolutely be useful, but they require some clever thinking and transposing in order to make them work.

Unpopular editorial opinion: baritone tuning with the current lack of material is not a beginner musician-friendly instrument. It’s a DIY pursuit. Do not expect anyone to hold your hand if you choose to play baritone. You will have to adapt the large majority of the material you study and you must learn how to transpose.

Baritone players have four main options for learning:

Play everything at face value, as written in TAB or demoed in a video, fret-for-fret. You’ll be acting as if your baritone is tuned GCEA. It won’t sound in the same key as the material.

This is fine if you’ll be playing predominantly by yourself. Just make sure you don’t internalize the incorrect note or chord names.

Put a capo on the 5th fret and play everything as written. You will be playing in the right key, but missing four frets and the open strings worth of range.

This is the most straightforward approach.

Transposing everything is by far the hardest route, but probably the most musically rewarding and sustainable long-term. You’ll take every note from GCEA tuning and figure out the most efficient place to play the same note on the DGBE fretboard.

This allows you to play note-for-note with anybody in a range that’s practical for your instrument.

Last is playing completely by ear. If you don’t know the names of note or chords, you don’t have to think about transposing. Just match the sounds from any other instrument.

How do I access my product(s)?

Log in here with the email and password you created upon checkout.

Once you’re logged in, all purchases can be accessed through the My Account page linked in the top menu. On this page, each of your purchased products are displayed in a list. Click on the title to navigate to the download page.

Some of my products aren’t showing up in my account

The most common cause for missing products in your account is the usage of different email addresses for different purchases.

Send me an email with all possible email addresses you would have used and I’ll check to see if you have duplicate accounts.

How do I download my ebook?

This has everything to do with your device and, at the end of the day, you’re responsible for figuring out how to open the PDF on your operating system. However, here are some directions for common platforms.

These PDFs have been downloaded thousands of times with no issues and I’m very confident they are rendered to a modern standard. Anything is possible, but conflicts are highly unlikely to be anything to do with the file itself.

Desktop Windows or MacOS

Clicking “PDF download” will usually open the PDF in a new browser tab. It might or might not get automatically added to the downloads folder.

To save the file somewhere you’ll remember, click the downwards arrow or save icon – usually in the top right corner of the browser PDF viewer. Here’s what this looks like in three different Windows browsers. Mac should be similar.

Microsoft Edge

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox


iOS saves PDFs via the “share” menu.

Click “PDF download” button on the download page. While previewing the PDF, click the square with an upwards arrow and then click the “Books” app. This should save the PDF to your Books library.

Detailed iOS directions with screenshots


Click “PDF download” button on the download page. The PDF will download to the downloads folder and then open in the PDF viewer. You can send the file to other apps by clicking the “…” in the upper right corner and then “Send file.”

Can I download video lessons?

Yes! I have set most of my videos to allow downloads. If you find some that I missed, please let me know.

To download, go to the video page and click the download button in the video player:

Can I re-download my ebook if I lose it or there are updates?

Yes! I offer lifetime purchases for all my products. Log into your account at any time to download a file or video again.

Updates are offered free-of-charge to pre-existing customers.

How do I cancel my recurring subscription?

Navigate to the My Account page. Click to the “Product Details” tab. Click “Pause” or “Cancel.”

If you pause the subscription, you can resume it at a later time. If you cancel, you’ll have to go through the checkout process again.