Hawaiian Songs For Ukulele

Explore Five Classic Hawaiian Tunes

In Hawaiian Songs For Ukulele, Brad Bordessa takes you on a learning journey through the main roles of the ukulele in Hawaiian music.

  • Beginners will learn foundational strumming styles
  • Intermediate players will enjoy picking beautiful Hawaiian melodies
  • Advanced players will learn solo fingerstyle arrangements

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Each song is iconic, fun, and provides a fantastic sandbox for exploring the island ukulele sound.

There are four HD video lessons per song:

  • How to pick the melody
  • How to strum the chords and sing
  • How to play a basic solo arrangement
  • How to freestyle an advanced solo arrangement
In the strumming lesson I also walk you through the Hawaiian lyrics and share how to pronounce the words correctly and also some of the meaning behind what you’re singing.

You’ll also learn about some general aspects of Hawaiian music like vamps and playing with the right feeling in a handful of videos outside of the song lessons.

  • 25 videos/6+ hours of lessons
  • 40 backing tracks
  • Lifetime Access


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What You Get

There are 25 HD video lessons in Hawaiian Songs For Ukulele. Each is shot with two cameras. One for close-ups, one wide frame.

video wide shot of man explaining ukulele lesson close up video thumb of ukulele lesson

You’ll learn these songs:

  • “Nani Kaʻala”
  • “Aloha Ka Manini”
  • “Ahe Lau Makani”
  • “Ua Noho Au A Kupa”
  • “Heha Waipiʻo”

Every song has a TAB lead sheet transcription along with background information and resources for learning more.

There are 40 high-quality backing tracks that cover multiple instrument variations for each song at a performance tempo and a -25% tempo. For instance, if you want to practice picking the lead melody, you can use a backing track without singing so you can play your role in the “band.”

Each lesson has a comments section where you can ask questions and compare notes with fellow students. There is also a forum section for sharing performance videos and general Hawaiian music discussion.


What is a Course?

A course is a set of pre-recorded lesson videos. Just like Masterclass or The Ukulele Way, you log in and access them at any time and at your own pace.

Once you’ve bought the course, you have lifetime access to the content. Take your time working through the lessons or even revisit them years later!

What Level Player is This Course For?

There is something for everybody except super newbies!

Beginner players can strum the chords or pick the melody. Advanced players can improvise their own solo arrangements. There are challenges at any level between.

Is it for High-g or Low-G?

In this course I try to teach for both high-g and low-G. That said, for solo arrangements, it’s really helpful to have the extra notes of the low-G. You can use a high-g and make it work, but there might be a couple moments in one or two songs when you have to improvise a bit.

Will I Learn (Or Get TABs For) Note-For-Note Arrangements?

No! The whole idea of this course is to encourage self-discovery and intuitive, Hawaiian-style playing.

I teach you the melody and chords for each song (via two lessons and a beautiful PDF lead sheet TAB). When we move into the solo arrangements, I’ll walk you through how I play it, but you’ll have to watch and listen and take notes in order to learn it yourself.

The beauty of a course is that you can rewind the video as many times as you need.

Some folks might see this as the “hard way,” but in order to play Hawaiian songs authentically, you have to learn them Hawaiian style…!

Can I Use [XYZ uke tuning] For This Course?

This course is taught specifically for GCEA tuning. If you want to transpose everything, you can take advantage of the universal concepts, but it’s not for the faint of heart.

Is There a Guarantee?

Yes. Try it out for 30 days. If you don’t like it or don’t think it’s a good fit, email me at brad@liveukulele.com and I’ll refund your money.

  • 25 videos/6+ hours of lessons
  • 40 backing tracks
  • Lifetime Access


Buy Now

30 Day Money Back Guarantee