Want to Learn Picking on Your Uke?

This Guide Will Help You Start Playing Melodies!

step-by-step ukulele picking ebook coverOne of the ukulele’s dirty little secrets is that picking can actually be easier for beginners than strumming.

If you want to learn to play melodies on your ukulele, don’t slog through learning chords and strum patterns until you’re “ready.” Dive right in and get started!

The focus of Step-By-Step: Single String Ukulele Picking is to immediately get anyone comfortable picking out lead parts on their uke. I want to show you that it’s easy to play melodies and build foundational skills right from the beginning.

Step-By-Step: Single String Ukulele Picking Ebook

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How It’s Different

Even the most basic “beginner” picking can be overwhelming to learn if presented traditionally. Since you usually have to think about which notes to play on which string, your concentration gets stretched way too thin.

This ebook approaches picking in a unique way: by playing only on one string at a time. With single string playing, there’s less confusion because all you have to think about is a single picking motion and which fret to play.

The lessons and songs in Step-By-Step: Single String Ukulele Picking are written to follow the path of only one string. So you can focus on playing the right notes and making them musical.

By limiting yourself to one string, you’ll be able to learn foundational concepts and techniques earlier in your study than you otherwise would. This will allow you to play more easefully and have a greater understanding of the music.

“..I love the book. So much information that nobody else thinks to offer.”

Joe Viers

What You Get

In Step-By-Step: Single String Ukulele Picking there are 100 pages of illustrated instruction and music. As you work through the ebook you’ll learn:

  • Basic terminology
  • How to properly hold the uke
  • The main picking technique
  • Finger placement tips
  • About counting simple rhythms
  • How to get a good tone
  • The chromatic scale
  • Tricks for playing with a metronome
  • Finger shifting
  • Transposing and how to change keys
  • Arpeggios
  • Basic music theory

To help you on your way there are many helpful illustrations, charts, and examples like this:

difference between holding soprano and tenor uke infographic

There are also 14 full-page TABs to help you learn a number of traditional and Hawaiian songs.

ahe lau makani ukulele tab preview

Songs include:

  • Happy Birthday
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • Wheels on the Bus
  • Amazing Grace
  • Minuet in G Major
  • Noho Paipai
  • Hawaiʻi Aloha
  • Ahe Lau Makani
  • Pua Carnation

Who Am I?

brad bordessa holding ukuleleThis is all presented by me, Brad Bordessa. I’ve been teaching ukulele for over 15 years and have helped thousands of people in-person and online become better, more confident players and musicians.

I’m the author of three other critically acclaimed ebooks and a video course, along with being a staff instructor at George Kahumoku, Jr.’s Slack Key and Ukulele Workshop for the past four years.

Ready to get started?

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step-by-step ukulele picking ebook cover


Only $5.69 – Over 75% off!

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Is this a true beginner’s book?

Yes. I try not to assume anything with the content and explain everything from scratch.

Is there content for advanced players?

The concepts explored can be taken as far as you want and the later chapters are written to encourage advanced experimentation. Most advanced players haven’t explored arpeggios on one string and many of the simpler ideas will probably also apply.

Do I need high-g or low-G?

Either or. It doesn’t matter at all.

The instructions are written for GCEA uke, but you can use the TABs and examples on any fretted instrument to play the melodies. This means that there’s a lot of content for baritone and English/Canadian tunings as well.

Do I need to read standard music notation?

No! Most of the TABs are written for only one string so they’re even easier to follow than normal.

Can I use the book on my mobile device?

Yes! The ebook is a PDF file. There are PDF readers available for most modern devices.

How do I contact you?

Send me an email if you have questions or need a hand with your order. I’m happy to help: brad@liveukulele.com

step-by-step ukulele picking ebook cover


Only $5.69 – Over 75% off!

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