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A beginner’s guide to picking melody on the ukulele. 14 songs and study pieces arranged for one string.


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I’m Brad Bordessa, creator of Live ʻUkulele. I’ve been playing the ukulele for 16 years and teaching for only slightly less.

My passion is sharing musical knowledge in a way that allows ukulele players to improve through learning concepts.

This makes subjects:

  • Accessible to many different levels of skill at the same time
  • More expandable for future study than simply learning songs

Basically, I want to show you how to teach yourself.

Live ʻUkulele allows me to do this. Because of this platform, I’ve been connecting with cool uke people from across the globe since 2007.

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What’s Here on Live ʻUkulele?

The very best of my content is my premium offerings – ebooks and a video course. Because these are paid items, I’ve been able to put the time into them that each subject deserves. They are more extensive, useful, and nice to look at than any of the free content you’ll find below.

Ebooks include encyclopedias on technique and a moveable chord system. My course, 6th Sense, teaches how to harmonize melodies using Hawaiian-style double-stops.

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There are a number of resources I provide to players of all levels for free, but my favorite of these are the lessons. From all I’ve seen, this site contains the most written instructional content for ukulele anywhere on the web. I would love to be wrong! Please contact me if you think otherwise.

These tabs, lessons, song sheets, chord charts, scale diagrams, and reviews can all be found through the menu buttons above. Browse around and see what’s of interest.

My podcast is a relatively new venture that I started during the COVID lockdown. It’s basically 30 minutes to an hour of ukulele talk radio that I publish twice a month.

I discuss the ins and outs of different uke subjects with an emphasis on the attitude and mindset that can help music be a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience for everyone. Almost every other episode is a guest interview.

Certain pages on the site get far more attention than others. They’re mostly song chords. Here are the top ten pages by visits: