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Backed by Brad Bordessa‘s almost 20 years of experience playing ukulele in the Hawaiian music scene, Live Ukulele provides one of the oldest, largest, and most experience-driven resources for learning to play the ukulele available online.

Live Ukulele will help you improve, not only as an ukulele player, but as a musician and an ambassador of our favorite four-stringed instrument.

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Play Smooth & Fast!

Learn to get out of the open position and navigate up the fretboard. From the basic motions you use to press the strings to traversing scales effortlessly, Left Hand Technique will take your picking from struggle to confident.

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Critically Acclaimed Chord Reference

Learn to shift chord shapes across the fretboard into any key. The shapes in this book cover the vast majority of chord families, not to mention they allow you to cut your chord memorization workload by 12x.

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Uke Music Theory Crash Course

An 80 minute workshop on the straightforward music theory that working musicians know and use. Learn to understand the basics and beyond without all the overkill that often accompanies music theory study.

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Picking 101

Learn the absolute basics of playing melodies on your ukulele. Over the course of 100 beautifully illustrated pages and 14 classic songs and exercises, you’ll learn how to hold the uke, pick clean notes, properly place your fingers, shift between notes, and much more!

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Figure Out Any Strum

Learn a grid-based system that will help you strum more smoothly and confidently. Go from robotic-sounding rhythm to creating your own strumming patterns and holding it down.

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Five Hawaiian Songs, Three Styles of Playing

A comprehensive video course to help you learn the Hawaiian style of playing ukulele. You’ll learn to play each song three different ways: picking, strumming, and a solo arrangement. Suitable for beginner+ and up players.

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Free Lessons

Browse my library of over 500 lesson articles, videos, TABs, song sheets, chord diagram downloads, and much more.

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The Live Ukulele Podcast is where I’m able to best share my ethos through concept driven lessons, interviews, and monologues.

Tune in to over 70 past episodes with new ones published every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month!

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