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I’m Brad Bordessa, a musician who’s been playing and teaching ‘ukulele for more than ten years. Here at Live ‘Ukulele, I provide ‘ukulele lessons, techniques, and tabs for players from around the world.

Jam packed with resources and learning material, Live ‘Ukulele is the premier spot on the web for learning ‘ukulele – and it’s all free. I’m glad you made your way here!

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Chord Book

A complete chord resource
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Lots of tunes to pick!
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Strum and sing these hits
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Over 70 articles on how to uke
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‘Ukuleles, strings, and equipment

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man wearing santa hat with ukulele

Gift Ideas for ‘Ukulele Players (2018)

Every holiday it’s the same question: What to get for your loved ones? I can’t (and won’t) help suggest something for your Aunt Margie who loves conspiracy theories. But I can (and will) give you some ideas for the ‘ukulele players in your life. The great news about gifts for ‘ukulele players is that there [...]

blackbird farallon soundboard

Review: Blackbird Farallon Tenor ‘Ukulele

The Farallon is a weather resistant and environmentally stable ‘ukulele from San Fransisco-based instrument builder, Blackbird. It’s been on my radar since it came out, but I could never justify spending the money on it as I couldn’t see how it would fit into my arsenal. My Moore Bettah is the best uke you can [...]

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page from ukulele scales collection showing c major scale

‘Ukulele Scales: Free Fretboard Chart PDF Downloads

‘Ukulele scales are created from a family of notes that sound pleasing together. They serve as the foundation to a tonality (major or minor). Since the fretboard of an ‘ukulele is a crazy matrix, it’s very useful to have scale charts available for reference as you study. Free Scale Chart Collection 14 scale types One [...]

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freiburg minster

Teaching ‘Ukulele in Freiburg, Germany

In February I got a really cheap plane ticket from Hilo to Milan, Italy. I wasn’t planning on traveling this year. But somehow I found my credit card out and a confirmation email from United in my inbox five minutes later. Huh. So I contacted my friend, Annette. I met her a while back when [...]

brad playing ukulele on podcast

The Ukulele Review Podcast #30

I spent the weekend on O’ahu for an old friend’s wedding and, while there, cruised by the Hawai’i Music Supply warehouse. I got to meet some of the setup crew and had some personal assistance from Joel, the head tech, with a troublesome pickup. Great guys doing great work. I’ve known head-boss-man and workaholic-mastermind, Andrew [...]