'Ukulele Chord Shapes

A reference book for a new era of fretboard understanding.

Brad has created the best ‘ukulele chord book I’ve seen to date,” says Andrew Kitakis of Hawai’i Music Supply

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Several years ago I took a workshop called “Arpeggio Meditations” taught by Daniel Ward. The concept was to play complementary, musical, and interesting chords over a repeating picking pattern. In this way you could get into “the zone” and practice some pretty serious fingerpicking without a lot of conscious thought. […] Read More

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December is here! The prepared gift givers have already wrapped their Christmas goodies and you… Well, if you’re like me you need a few ideas to get you started. Here are the things I feel most ‘ukulele players would be excited to get their hands on this holiday season. Some […] Read More

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A while back I was approached by Eduardo Uke, of the website Easy Ukulele Songs, who asked if I would contribute my #1 beginner tip to a roundup he was working on. I was flattered that he asked and sent him off my answer. Didn’t think much more of it […] Read More

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I’m not a big fan of Christmas music, but out of all the sappy, December 25th tunes you can play on your ‘ukulele, Mele Kalikimaka is my favorite. I grew up listening to Jimmy Buffett singing this song on his album, Christmas Island, but everyone will have their own favorite […] Read More

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I’m not a penny-pinching dude when it comes to gear. I’ve bought enough cheap stuff to know that you usually get what you pay for. These days, if I need something, I’ll invest money up front and get the best I can afford. Quality over quantity. But every once in […] Read More

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