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The free online lessons linked here point to the main subjects available on Live Ukulele. If you’re learning to play the uke, there are few websites that rival the sheer amount of quality content you’ll find here. Enjoy!

Podcast 🎤

Monologue and interview tutorials, stories, and insight

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Gear I Use

The tools and gear that makes my professional life possible

Essential gear list

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Fundamental Lessons

Free ukulele tutorials and guides on core concepts

Gear Lessons

Tips and info on the material items used to create music


Timing & Metronome Lessons ⏲️

Arguably the most important and under-practiced aspect when someone learns to play ukulele

Strumming & Rhythm Lessons

Chords and harmony playing

Lead & Picking Lessons

Single note playing

Chord Charts & Chord Lessons

Reference diagrams + photos and tutorials for applying ukulele chords to music

Scale Diagrams

Reference diagrams + fretboard layouts for almost every ukulele scale

Playing by Ear Lessons 👂

How to figure out music on the ukulele using only your ears

Music Theory

Technical explanations of how music works

General Lessons

Everything else…


TAB notation for the lead parts of many ukulele songs in PDF

Song Sheets

Chord and lyric sheets for strumming and singing


My opinions on certain gear and stuff that I use

Video Ukulele Lessons

All my free ukulele video lessons can be found on my Youtube channel. Be sure to subscribe!

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Ukes For Ukraine

Ukes For Ukraine raised over $11,000 for World Central Kitchen, who are providing meals and food to people affected by the war. Watch the replay for hours and hours of world-class instruction and performances:

Watch the replay

Live Stream Lessons

For 20 weeks beginning at the end of 2020 I broadcasted lessons live on Youtube about various ukulele subjects. They are non-sequential and hold lots of great tips and advice for all levels of players. Here is the playlist where they can be found:

20 Live Streamed Lessons

Other Video Lessons

Many of my peers in the ukulele scene offer their own wonderful lesson. Each teacher has specialty subjects and teaching style. If you don’t like one, try another.

My own premium video courses are some of the best ukulele lessons you can find. Check them out here:

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