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Upcoming Workshops

Every 4th Saturday of the month starting 3/23/24.

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Zoom Workshop

One hour Zoom workshop plus 1/2 hour Q&A session and handout. March 23, 2024 @ 10am HST.

Full Methodology

All my secrets. These video lessons teach the techniques and tricks you need to play smooth and fast and also understand what you’re doing.

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▶️ Video Course

Learn to play more confidently and with ease using better fretting styles and navigational approaches.

“Amazing. The quality of your work is outstanding and is better than all of the commercially available products that would attempt to compare.”

-Gerard Duffin

Beginner Picking

Single-string picking is a simple and approachable introduction to playing melody.

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PDF Ebook

An absolute beginner’s guide to picking melody on the ukulele.

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PDF Ebook

20 familiar melodies for all levels to play up and down a single ukulele string.

Strum Anything!

Learn how to figure out the strum to any song and increase your comfort holding down any rhythm.

groove ukulele strumming ebook and video lessons cover
PDF Ebook + ▶️ Videos

A system for strumming more rhythmically and intuitively. Includes supplementary videos.

Hawaiian Ukulele

Video lessons focused on capturing the uke sound of the islands.

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▶️ Video Course

Learn to pick, strum, sing, and solo arrange five classic Hawaiian songs.

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▶️ Video Course

How to play double-stop leads and incorporate them into Hawaiian style fills and melodies.

“Your educational materials are well written and convey complex concepts in a manner that is easily understood. I wish you continued success.”

-Phillip Daniels

Music Theory Crash-Course

Learn easy-to-understand, practical theory that normal musicians use in their day-to-day.

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▶️ Video Course

Understand the basics of practical music theory for the ukulele.

Chord Reference Book

My critically-acclaimed book on moveable chord shapes. Learn 2,268 chords via 189 unique chord shapes.

ukulele chord shapes ebook cover
PDF Ebook

A neo-traditional chord reference book. Learn to create 2,268 chords out of 189 moveable shapes and learn the theory behind the magic.

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Print book

Physical print version of the classic ebook. 8.5×11″, 60 pages, color printing. USA shipping included.

Encyclopedias on Technique

Easy-to-digest tips and tricks that help you play smoother, faster, and easier.

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PDF Ebook

An encyclopedia for the strumming and picking hand. Improve your physical interaction with a uke for better tone, timing, and confidence.

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PDF Ebook

(Included with the Left Hand Technique video course!) An encyclopedia for the fretting hand. Learn to navigate the fretboard.

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