Premium Ukulele Video Courses & Ebooks

Beginner to advanced | 25 videos

Learn to pick, strum, and solo arrange five classic Hawaiian songs.

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For theory beginners and intermediates | 80+ minutes

This video workshop and handout will help you understand the basics of practical music theory for the ukulele.

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Level: beginner II to advanced | 50 videos

In these video lessons, you’ll learn hand positioning, fretting styles, navigational approaches, and songs.

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Product cover 6th sense
Level: intermediate | 16 videos

Learn how to play double-stop harmony leads and how to incorporate them into fills and melodies.

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“Amazing. The quality of your work is outstanding and is better than all of the commercially available products that would attempt to compare.”

-Gerard Duffin

Level: novice to intermediate | 100 pages

An absolute beginner’s guide to picking melody on the ukulele. 14 easy songs and study pieces arranged for one string.

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Level: beginner II and up | 61 pages

A neo-traditional chord reference book. Learn to create 2,268 chords out of 189 moveable shapes and learn the theory behind the magic.

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“Your educational materials are well written and convey complex concepts in a manner that is easily understood. I wish you continued success.”

-Phillip Daniels

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Level: beginner II to advanced | 59 pages

An encyclopedia for the strumming and picking hand. Improve your physical interaction with a uke for better tone, timing, and confidence.

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facebook share image left hadn technique for ukulele ebook
Level: beginner II to advanced | 64 pages

(Included with the Left Hand Technique video course!) An encyclopedia for the fretting hand. Learn to navigate the fretboard.

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