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These are my top-notch teaching materials and resources. Because they are paid products I’ve been able to put much more time and energy into them than other content on this site.

This is by far the best content I offer. If you’ve enjoyed other aspects of this site, I’m sure you’ll love any of the resources below.

“Amazing. The quality of your work is outstanding and is better than all of the commercially available products that would attempt to compare.”

Gerard Duffin


Product cover 6th sense
16 Lesson Video Course

Learn THAT Hawaiian sound! Video lessons on how to play double-stop harmonies and “runs” on the ukulele.


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Left Hand Technique For ʻUkulele
50~ Lesson Video Course

In production. Coming soon!

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100 Page PDF Ebook

A beginner’s guide to picking melody on the ukulele. 14 songs and study pieces arranged for one string.


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61 Page PDF Book/Ebook

A neo-traditional chord reference book. Learn moveable shapes up and down the fretboard and understand chord theory.

Baritone version also available!


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facebook share image left hadn technique for ukulele ebook
63 Page PDF Ebook

An encyclopedia-like guide for the fretting hand. Learn finger positioning, shifting, and articulations to improve your feel, tone, and speed.


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59 Page PDF Ebook

An encyclopedia-like guide for the strumming and picking hand. Learn better tone, timing, and confidence through improved physical interaction with your uke.


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