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The ebooks you see here are some of the most thorough and detailed ʻukulele guides available.

I’ve written each of these ʻukulele books to be the absolute best you can find on their respective subject. These are tomes that I myself find interesting, useful, and inspiring to write.

“Brad’s deep love for ukulele and curiosity as a musician come through loud and clear. A great addition to any ukulele learning library!”

James Hill

james hill

Each ebook can be viewed on mobile and includes high-resolution images for easy zooming or printing.

left hand technique for ukulele book cover

Left Hand Technique For ʻUkulele

A detailed guide to fretting and fingering for ʻukulele.


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right hand technique for ukulele cover

Right Hand Technique For ʻUkulele

A detailed guide to strumming and picking for ʻukulele.


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ukulele chord shapes cover

ʻUkulele Chord Shapes

A new era of fretboard understanding. Boost your chord knowledge by 12x.


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