Privacy Policy

Welcome to the privacy policy page! Whoo! Exciting stuff. This is where I put the legal-schmegal details about how the site runs.

Basically, I run as clean an operation as possible and never sell your info to anybody.

Who We Are

Live ʻUkulele ( is an ʻukulele learning website run by Brad Bordessa.

You can contact us at:

What Personal Data We Collect and Why

Live ʻUkulele collects and maintains a list of email addresses. We collect this information on a voluntary basis through newsletter signup forms for the purpose of sending update emails to subscribers. This information is only shared with third-party newsletter services, such as Mailerlite, which is used to manage subscriptions and send emails to the list. To unsubscribe, subscribers can click on the link in the email updates or email the webmaster to be removed from the list.

If you make a purchase from Live ʻUkulele, your payment info will be handled by third party services – either Stripe or Paypal. Your email address and purchase details (minus sensitive payment information) will then be forwarded to Sendowl, a third party content delivery system in charge of fulfilling downloads and orders. Order history is kept indefinitely on these platforms for record keeping purposes and to allow for refunds and other issues with payment. Your email may be automatically added to the newsletter list after an order.

If you submit a testimonial of a product, your name, location, and review might be publicly displayed for marketing purposes on Live ʻUkulele or relevant outlets. Your email is kept only for admin purposes and will not be shared.

If you use the contact form to contact us, your information will be handled by a website plugin and forwarded to the webmaster. None of this information is shared or used for marketing purposes.


A cookie is a tiny little file that most websites automatically add to your browser for tracking purposes. It allows sites to remember that you’re logged in (Facebook), that you’re a returning visitor (links you’ve clicked), or to display targeted ads (Google).

When you visit Live ʻUkulele, your browser will be given several cookies for web analytics tracking, remembering what’s in your shopping cart, browser caching, and the contact form.

In addition, the ad service that pays the bills around here also uses multiple cookies for tracking your interests across the whole web. These are what allow websites to display ads relevant to your previous browsing history.

Usually this manifests after you search Google for something. You’ll begin to see “targeted” ads that reflect the search because Google also displays much of the web’s ads.

For instance, my friend borrowed my laptop the other day to do some shopping for yoga supplies. Later in the day – on a different computer – all the ads I saw were selling yoga stuff. Google had marked my IP address as a likely yoga customer.

Sad, but true.

Embeded 3rd Party Content

Because we all like pretty, informative web pages, it’s sometimes relevant to embed videos, images, and other things onto this site from 3rd party sources. Embedded content from other sites (such as Youtube, Instagram, etc…) behaves exactly like you went directly to those sites themselves. They might collect data, use cookies, embed tracking, and monitor your use of the embeded content.


In order to make this website the best it can be, we use analytics tracking to collect traffic data on our users. This allows us to see which pages are most popular or which links people are clicking on.

This tracking is handled by Google Analytics. Basically, they use cookies to know what you do on this site. If you want to learn more, you should read: How Google uses data when you use our partners’ sites or apps.

Click here to opt-out of Google Analytics

Who We Share Your Data With

Mailerlite – we share your email for newsletter updates. Mailerlite privacy policy

Sendowl (order only) – we share your order information such as: product, payment completion, email. Sendowl privacy policy

Stripe (order only) – if you choose to pay with a credit card, Stripe will receive your payment information. Stripe privacy policy

Paypal (order only) – if you choose to log in with your Paypal account, they will receive your payment information. Paypal privacy policy

How Long We Retain Your Data

Since we only collect the most bare-bones data on a voluntary basis (newsletter subscription, orders), we retain it indefinitely for recordkeeping purposes. If at any time you’d like to have your information removed, just send an email to the webmaster. This does not include information required for administration. Anonymous analytics tracking information is stored indefinitely.