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Want a way to keep ukulele front and center in your ears when driving, petting your cat, mopping the floor, or otherwise NOT playing your uke? Now you can with The Live Ukulele Podcast!

Tune in to my new ukulele podcast to learn important perspectives on playing, teaching, and the journey of music. Each episode I’ll cover a fresh topic of interest by myself or with a guest and dive deep into what makes the uke tick.

“I was blown away by your podcast. I listen to podcasts while I work and yours is better than most I’ve heard. Not only the content but the way you come across. You’re a natural.”
Chuck Moore – Opihikao, Hawaiʻi

Here you’ll find all the episodes, show notes, transcriptions, and extras. So subscribe on your favorite podcast service and tune in every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month for new content!

You can also listen to each episode here on the website by following any of the show links below.

Season 2:

Ep. #4 – Performing With an Ukulele

(Feb 20, 2021) – Tips, tricks, and stories for putting on a more engaging, exciting show. Pro tips, stories, lesson

Ep. #3 – John Atkins (The Ukulele Teacher)

(Feb 6, 2021) – The biggest ukulele name on Youtube! I sit down and talk to John about his career, life, and ukes. Talk story, fame, behind the scenes

Ep. #2 – Playing Nicely With Others

(Jan 16, 2021) – I’m joined by Higgs to demonstrate how to be a better supporting player and ways you can fade perfectly into the background. Live examples, tips, lesson

Ep. #1 – Playing Ukulele Happier and Easier with Konabob

(Jan 2, 2021) – Konabob shares his experiences starting out as a musician in his 40s and how he found contentedness in his playing. Stories, humble, reflective

Season 1:

Ep. #10 – Holiday Variety Show/Talk Story

(Dec 19th, 2020) – Telling some stories and reflecting on some things I’m thankful for this holiday season. Personal, casual, stories

Ep. #9 – Neal Chin on Jazz Ukulele

(Dec 5th, 2020) – A fun chat with Seattle-based Neal Chin on playing jazz ukulele and the journey of improving and keeping a playful attitude in music. Interview, jazz, tips

Ep. #8 – Unpacking the UAS Myth

(Nov 21st, 2020) – My opinions on “Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome” and replacing it with a more useful mindset. Also, some tips on shopping for an ukulele. Opinion, gear, mindset

Ep. #7 – Life OFF the Road with Herb Ohta, Jr.

(Nov 7th, 2020) – Catching up with one of my most beloved mentors about a year without touring and developing deeper relationships with musician friends. Interview, intimate, stories

Ep. #6 – The Adventures of James Hill

(Oct 17th, 2020) – A conversation with the most interesting dude in ukulele. All about teaching, baritone ukes, performing, new courses, and more. Interview, behind the scenes, teaching

Ep. #5 – Improving From Beginner to Intermediate

(Oct 3rd, 2020) – Tips and practice advice for expanding your musical choices to begin feeling more comfortable in music. Includes thoughts on breaking complex chords and accompaniment techniques into manageable pieces. Lesson, live examples, getting to know music

Ep. #4 – Ukulele Artistry: Recording, Producing, & Songwriting – feat. Higgs

(Sep 19th, 2020) – Chatting with hip-hop ukulele stylist, HIGGS, about his latest album and how he incorporates the uke into a rap style. HIGGS also shares an on-the-spot, improvised walkthrough of how he writes a verse. Artist insight, fun, songwriting

Ep. #3 – Learning Ukulele Hawaiian Style

(Sep 5th, 2020) – Learn three perspectives on how to incorporate old-school, Hawaiian study styles into your playing no matter where you are in the world. Tips for playing by ear, watching others, and how to improve. Hawaiian vibes, intuitive, from the heart

Ep. #2 – A Teaching RevolUKEtion: ZOOM – feat. Kevin Carroll

(Aug 15th, 2020) – A fun visit with one of my favorite people and also a very hard working uke instructor who talks about his experiences transitioning from in-person teaching to ZOOM. Fun, talk story, teaching

Ep. #1 – Cultivating a Positive Ukulele Playing Mindset

(Aug 1st, 2020) – My thoughts on how the beginner’s mentality can be damaging to your progress and how to give yourself the grace to progress at your own pace. Beginner, thoughtful, self-help

brad bordessa avatar About the author: Brad Bordessa I’m an ‘ukulele artist from Honoka’a, Hawai’i, where I run this site from an off-grid cabin in the jungle. I’ve taught workshops internationally, made Herb Ohta Jr. laugh until he cried, and once jammed with HAPA onstage in my boardshorts. More about me