One-on-One ZOOM Ukulele Lessons

Any openings I have available for one-on-one ZOOM ukulele lessons will be shown on the calendar linked below.

The cost is $80 per 45-minute lesson paid up front via credit card or PayPal through my scheduling app.

As a teacher I provide:

  • Over 15 years of teaching experience. I’ve been helping ukulele students improve and develop as musicians since I was a teen
  • My signature attention to detail and fundamentals. I know what works and what doesn’t. I’ll help you hone in on what you should focus on …and what is wasting your time
  • Access to my library of hundreds of hand-crafted PDF resources
  • Almost 20 years of personal insight into the world of music. Experience, stories, connections, etc. If I don’t know the answer (rare!), I’ll help you find it

You can see my teaching credentials on the about page.

You provide:

  • Enthusiasm and dedication! I recommend 15 minutes of practice every day to allow for steady progress (more is better!)
  • A stable internet connection
  • A computer with the ZOOM program installed and “original sound” turned on (otherwise I can’t hear your uke)
  • Webcam/mic

Book a lesson!

Dedicated youth who otherwise wouldn’t be able to participate are welcome to apply for scholarship. If you think you meet the criteria, share your story and send me an email:

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