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Mele Kalikimaka ‘Ukulele Tab

I’m not a big fan of Christmas music, but out of all the sappy, December 25th tunes you can play on your  Ľukulele, Mele Kalikimaka is my favorite. I grew up listening to Jimmy Buffett singing this song on his album, Christmas Island, but everyone will have their own favorite rendition. Santa only knows, this song has been covered to death!

Mele Kalikimaka Ukulele Chords, Tab, and LyricsA study in fantastically clever melody writing, Mele Kalikimaka is an apparently simple tune with many twists and turns that milk the power of “wrong” notes throughout. I mean, who uses a C# melody note over a G7? Robert Alex Anderson, apparently.

There’s not much to it if you take your time and watch out for trouble areas, namely measures 11, 19, 21, and 23, which have some oddball notes. I’ve included the  Ľukulele chord diagrams and lyrics for easy strumming if you want to just sing along at your Christmas gathering(s).

Take it for a spin and spread the good cheer!

Mele Kalikimaka ‘Ukulele Tab

By Brad Bordessa

I’m an ‘ukulele artist from Honoka’a, Hawai’i, where I run this site from a little plantation house in the jungle. I’ve taught workshops internationally, made Herb Ohta Jr. laugh until he cried, and once borrowed a uke to jam with HAPA onstage in my boardshorts. More about me

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