Island Style ʻUkulele Chords by John Cruz

This is a classic song by John Cruz from his “Acoustic Soul” record. Island Style is one of the first songs I start beginners with when teaching. It’s very simple – just C, F, and G7 (and C7 if you want to get fancy). Strum, sing, and add in a solo if you like and there will be smiles all around.

acousticsoulIsland Style
John Cruz
Acoustic Soul
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C     G7     C

         F                      C 
On the island, we do it island style

From the mountain to the ocean,
           G7                    C      (C7) 
from the windward to the leeward side

1st Verse:
C                             F           C  
Mama's in the kitchen cooking dinner real nice
                             G7              C
Beef stew on the stove, lomi salmon with the ice
                        F        C
We eat and drink and we sing all day
                    G7           C 
Kani ka pila in the old Hawaiian way


C                            F             C
We go grandma`s house on the weekend clean yard `cause
                    G7          C
If we no go grandma gotta work hard
                                 F        C
You know my grandma she like the poi real sour
                        G7           C
I love my grandma every minute every hour


Instrumental: Verse then Chorus

1st Verse>

Chorus 2x>

From the mountain to the ocean,
           G7                    C     
from the windward to the leeward side (2x)

C/ G7/ C/

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