Feel Like All Your Notes and Chords Buzz or Thunk?

Having Trouble Navigating the Neck?

You Probably Need to Improve Your Technique!

Left Hand Technique For Ukulele is a complete ebook guide to fretting and fingering. It will teach you everything you need to know to confidently navigate the neck of your instrument.

Technique is the collection of movements that make music come out of an ukulele. They’re the physical interactions that facilitate notes.

Unfortunately, this vitally important aspect of playing isn’t taught very often. Whether you’re a student of Youtube or studying in a prestigious music program, odds are good that the focus of your lessons are on notes and chords, NOT how best to play them.

This is a terrible shame since these notes and chords are the bones of ANY music you play!

If you haven’t learned proper left hand technique, you can bet that you’re not getting the most clarity, ease, and expression from your music.

I’m . Welcome to…

Left Hand Technique For Ukulele

In Left Hand Technique For Ukulele I show you the path to polishing your technique and truly being able to express your playing well.

Containing 64 pages, Left Hand Technique For Ukulele is a comprehensive guide to all the ways your fretting hand touches the neck. It’s a large subject, but super important to any uke player since it impacts every single note.

higgs headshot“I found myself grinning with excitement as I unpacked new knowledge to put into my musical tool belt. Whether a newbie or a seasoned pro, guaranteed you’ll find this book useful.”

– Ryan “Higgs” Higgins, performing/recording artist

  • Master the intricacies of position and single-string playing
  • See it in action with 60 beautiful photo illustrations
  • Learn 10 essential articulations and techniques
  • Get 51 MP3 examples to accompany notation
  • Implement more effective fretting styles
  • Follow step-by-step instructions

“I owe my virtuosity to your books on left, and right handed technique, which are formidable.”

– Joey Slinger

What’s in This Ebook?

Left Hand Technique is split into two main sections:

  • Fretboard navigation – Finger pressure and placement, barring, muting/dampening, position playing, and single-string playing.
  • 10 Fundamental articulation techniques – From basics like the hammer-on and pull-off, to advanced concepts like artificial harmonics and the mono strum.

Aside from the core content, you’ll also find sections on proper body posture, common tactics, and a skill-based learning track.

To back up the 50+ musical examples (included in both TAB and standard notation), there are corresponding MP3 recordings. Listen to me play each example with correct timing and technique to model your study on.

illustrations from left hand technique

Just a few of the how-to illustrations from the book.

Did I mention the photos? I hired my photographer brother to take over 60 illustrative pictures of me playing each technique step-by-step so you can see exactly how to position your hand.

All of your questions about left hand technique will be answered with this knowledge at your fingertips!

facebook share image left hadn technique for ukulele ebook
  • 42 page PDF
  • 51 audio examples
  • Step by step illustrations

You get:

  • Mobile-friendly PDF ebook format
  • 64 Pages
  • Instant delivery
  • 51 MP3 audio examples
  • Money-back guarantee


“This is a fabulous teaching guide […] The guidance is clear and easy to follow with very clear pictures and diagrams. I would recommend it to all levels of players.

Well done – I’m happy I purchased it!”

– Kim Cate – Sugar Land, Texas

“I have found Left Hand Techniques very useful. Brad’s book provides the basis for learning how to play with more texture, variety and interest for the listener.

I really appreciate the mp3 samples to check my interpretation of what I am learning from the book. It is a great book for beginners on up. I refer to it on a regular basis.”

– Joan Bibbens

“What a fantastic, in depth, thorough, informative book you have written! Even the “basic” things that I know inside and out, you put across in such a detailed way, that it’s given me a finer viewpoint and whole new appreciation for it.

I’ve read a number of ukulele tutor books (I work in a music store, so we have a lot of them coming in) and to be honest, never rated any of them. This one however, I will be recommending.”

– Alex


Who are you?

I’m Brad Bordessa. I run this website and am a longtime ukulele performer and educator.

I graduated with honors from the Institute of Hawaiian Music in 2012 and have performed with Ledward Kaapana, HAPA, Jeff Peterson, the late Martin Pahinui, and many more.

My teaching has taken me around the world and I’ve taught alongside James Hill, Herb Ohta Jr., Kevin Carroll, Gerald Ross, and others at several well-known uke workshops. I’ve written two other critically acclaimed books for ukulele.

Do I need to read Right Hand Technique For Ukulele first?


My other book focuses on strumming and picking technique for the right hand. This book focuses on fretting and fingering technique for the left hand.

Together they provide a full picture of ukulele technique, but can easily be used independently.

I want to learn _______! Is it in the book?

Let’s see… Here are the majority of subjects covered:

  • Skill-Based Tracks (an index for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of study)
  • Holding the ‘Ukulele
  • The Art of Fretting
    • Finger Pressure
    • Finger Location
    • Barre Technique
    • Muting
    • Dampening
  • Fingering Logistics
    • Playing in Position
    • Playing on a Single String
    • Combined Approaches
  • Other Left Hand Techniques
    • Hammer-on
    • Pull-Off
    • Open String Pulls-Offs
    • Slides
    • Combining Articulation Techniques
    • Rolls
    • Bending
    • Trill
    • Natural Harmonics
    • Artificial Harmonics
    • Harp Harmonics
    • Mono Strum
    • Rake
    • Vibrato
  • A Word on the Ukulele Player’s Toolbox

Basically, anything that’s common to fretting notes on the ukulele is included.

Is This a Method Book?

No! I provide the instruction on how to use the skills (with examples), but YOU provide the method. There are no sequential chapters; everything is presented encyclopedia style.

Is this book for high-g or low-G?

Both! The examples are G-string neutral.

Is this a beginner’s book?

Yes and no. I imagine the content being most useful for intermediate and up players. But if you’re comfortable with the basics of playing chords and picking some melodies, there’s lots of basic stuff to learn. Just be sure to use the beginner or intermediate skill track to avoid getting overwhelmed by more advanced concepts.

When are you writing a baritone uke version?

Probably never. The techniques that drive a standard-tuned ukulele are the same for a baritone-tuned uke. That means 100% of the concepts are applicable to baritone players.

That said, the examples themselves are written and recorded for GCEA tuning. If you want your baritone to sound exactly like the notation or recording, you’ll have to transpose. Otherwise, the examples will still illustrate the techniques if you play the TAB as written and ignore the pitch of the notation.

Same goes for any other 4th-3rd-4th interval ukulele tuning (such as half-step down B6 or English D6). Though, again, the concepts themselves are universal to ANY tuning.

Can I get a print version?

No! Think about how eco-friendly an ebook is!

Money back guarantee – what’s that about?

Simple. If you don’t like the book, I don’t want your money. Send me an email and I’ll refund your purchase ASAP.

Still have questions?

Send me an email and I’ll do my best to answer your questions at: liveukulele@gmail.com.

facebook share image left hadn technique for ukulele ebook
  • 42 page PDF
  • 51 audio examples
  • Step by step illustrations

Great Playing Starts With Great Technique

Improve your fretting and fingering:

  • Implement more effective fretting styles
  • Master the intricacies of position and linear playing
  • Express your music with articulations and improved tone