21 Guns ‘Ukulele Tab by Green Day

21st Century Breakdown album cover green dayOne of my finest moments in ʻukulele arranging came many years ago when I posted a video on Youtube of myself playing an instrumental version of 21 Guns. Ever since people have been asking for an ʻukulele tab of this famous Green Day song.

Here’s a younger me playing my arrangement:

There’s nothing too tricky about this ʻukulele tab, but to catch the melody inside the harmony you’ve got to jump up to higher position chords. This consists mainly of the 7565 Bb chord that gets visited often throughout the piece.

The hardest part about this change is the switch down to the C note on the 3rd fret after Bb. Following the C note you play an F chord so you want to fret the 3rd fret with your pinky finger. This change leaves you hopping from 7565 down past what you might feel is normal, but in the long run it makes it easier than switching after Bb AND the C note.

The original key of the 21 Guns recording from the 21st Century Breakdown album happens to fit great on the ʻukulele. I never saw fit to change it so you can just use the tab for chord reference and play along with the song until you’re comfortable with it.

21 Guns ʻukulele tab PDF

By Brad Bordessa

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I’m an ‘ukulele artist from Honoka’a, Hawai’i, where I run this site from a little plantation house in the jungle. I’ve taught workshops internationally, made Herb Ohta Jr. laugh until he cried, and once borrowed a uke to jam with HAPA onstage in my boardshorts. More about me