El Condor Pasa ʻUkulele Tab by Simon & Garfunkel

condorpasaThis Simon and Garfunkel classic has an alternate title of If I Could. It’s one of their more popular tunes and I’ve arranged it here in E minor for the ʻukulele. In this key the song fits well on the ʻukulele.

Simon and Garfunkel have been a favorite of mine ever since hearing Jake’s version of Mrs. Robinson and then looking up the original. What harmonies! What amazing songwriting! If only raw music like theirs was still on the top 40 stations.

The tab is laid out lead sheet-style with the melody played as single notes and the chords shown above. With this combination of information it should be pretty obvious in a couple places where you can flesh out the tune with some additional strums.

Something else a more advanced player might want to do is find some alternate note locations that allow you to place certain parts of the melody on other strings. This is kind of done for you in the first line, but with some effort, you can expand upon it to create a bit of a campanella style. This is when you play neighbor notes on adjacent strings so they can ring on top of each other instead of playing them in a scale fashion.

El Condor Pasa ʻUkulele Tab

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