Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue ʻUkulele Tab (Solo Arr. PDF)

Note that it says "With Ukulele Accompaniment"

This is the original sheet music. Note that it says “With Ukulele Accompaniment”

Here’s a classic ʻukulele chalangalanger presented as a picking melody in tab – or strum it with the included chords.

Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue, also known as Has Anybody Seen My Gal? is a prime example of cycling 7th chords and that old swing/tin-pan alley sound that it creates. So get out your banjo ukes and sing along!

This tune was first performed by the California Ramblers. It’s since become an absolute uke classic – probably spurred on by Lucille Ball’s performance here:

The arrangement of this ʻukulele tab is pretty simple. But you can add to the melody by just strumming a harmonizing chord on beat 1 or beat 1 and 3. There is a lot you can do to make the chords more interesting, but I always like to provide a framework that you can embellish rather than do the work for you and exclude beginner players. If it’s too easy, make it harder.

A great place to start jazzing up this song is with 9th chords in place of 7ths. Ninth chords add a lot of sophistication to an ʻukulele part – try it!

Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue ʻUkulele Tab

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