Nancy Spain ʻUkulele Tab by Christy Moore

christy moore nancy spainHere’s a fun folk tune arranged for solo ʻukulele. This tab is of Nancy Spain by Christy Moore.

At one point I had a Skype student interested in playing Irish/Celtic folk arranged for ʻukulele. I’d figure out his requests in a simple solo fingerpicking style (when the melody and harmony is played together on one instrument) which you now see here. The “lilting” rhythm of this style seems like an ideal genre for teaching finger style ʻukulele.

Nancy Spain is a tune written by Barney Rush and made popular by Christy Moore. Here’s a live performance of the song:

The tune is very simple, but demonstrates the basics of the solo fingerpicking style about as well as any other song I’ve played on ʻukulele. Especially in this key, the player is able to focus on the concept of playing chords and melody simultaneously instead of struggling with difficult fingerings.

The harmony added on the 1 and 3 beats keeps the pulse of the song going and the melody works its way around the chords to create a nice, full sound. If you want to learn more about this style of playing, I highly recommend checking out James Hill’s course called The Ukulele Way.

To hit all the melody notes and keep the chords balanced you need a low G string.

Nancy Spain ʻUkulele Tab

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